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The Marketer as Philosopher:

40 Brief Reflections on the Power of Your Value Proposition

by Flint McGlaughlin
"Asking 'how' leads to information; asking 'why' leads to wisdom."
This is the essence of Flint McGlaughlin's book, The Marketer as Philosopher.

After twenty-five years of asking "why" to a single question and testing his hypotheses using the web as a living laboratory, McGlaughlin has released a collection of his findings.

These 40 brief reflections unfold in a series of layers that suggest a new framework and theory of messaging.

Often, business leaders spend so much time asking the "how to" questions, that they often forget to ask the "why so" questions.

The purpose of The Marketer as Philosopher is to foster reflection. It aims to cause thinkers to transcend the urgency of the answer and focus on the importance of the method.

Each section's title forms one of the three core propositions that ground the entire theory to help you unlock the power of your value proposition.

12 reflections in each section. Eight reflections expound upon the core proposition. Four reflections touch on the critical dangers the marketer must consider.

A sketch series in each section that connects and grows with the principle idea. Each section climaxes with a master sketch to ensure visual coherence.

About the Author

Flint McGlaughlin is an American academic and business leader. He served as the Director of Enterprise Research for Transforming Business at the University of Cambridge (UK) and the Founder of the MECLABS Institute. His work has been quoted all over the world and has won numerous awards including an Emmy Award and the Mountainland Award for Short Fiction.

About the Book

The Marketer as Philosopher isn't just a book, it's an experience, designed to help you get off your digital device and spark the next great idea for your clients, your company, or your career. This five-minute video shows how your leather edition is crafted.

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